Levitt Pavilion, Arlington, Texas

Levitt Pavilion, Arlington, Texas

Levitt Pavilion, Arlington, Texas

Levitt Pavilion, Arlington, Texas

Center Street Entryway, Arlington, Texas

Center Street Entryway, Arlington, Texas

Levit Pavilion, Arlington, Texas

Levit Pavilion, Arlington, Texas

Heritage Rock Business Complex, Arlington, Texas

Heritage Rock Business Complex, Arlington, Texas

Specialty Landscape Construction

Since 1982, SPSD’s commitment to high quality specialty landscape construction has proven invaluable to landscape architects, general contractors, land developers, public agencies and high-end residential clients. We provide environmentally, award winning landscape that through a turnkey operation. SPSD consistently provides our clients a full range of services often exceeding the quality of many other landscape contractors. Others may claim to do the same, but few can deliver like SPSD. To uphold the integrity of a well-designed landscape, a contractor must install projects according to plans and specifications.  SPSD has consistently honored the intent of landscape architects and our clients for nearly 30 years. We have a proven track record of following architect’s drawings, delivering excellent workmanship, and offering a great value to our clients enhancing the overall value of the property for years to come.

Our Specialty Landscape Construction services include:

Custom Masonry

custom masonry 220x131 Specialty Landscape Construction

Our custom masonry construction crew provides projects with exceptional stone and brick work. Structures such as patios and retaining walls, waterfalls and fireplaces become engaging focal features, even pieces of “landscape art” thanks to SPSD.
Our services include:

Stone retaining walls
Flagstone flatwork
Custom stone/boulder waterways and waterfalls
Stone… Read More»

Water Features

fountain 220x131 Specialty Landscape Construction

Water, often a focal point of a beautiful landscape, brings a refreshing and relaxing quality to any indoor or outdoor space. Having had the privilege to build many custom water features and pools for both commercial and residential clients, SPSD has distinguished itself as a leader. Whether you need only a design, or a complete build, SPSD offers you the quality and vision… Read More»


church0896 220x131 Specialty Landscape Construction

SPSD sources plants which meet all the requirements of the “American Standard for Nursery Stock” as specified by landscape architects.  We review all plants prior to installation to offer the highest quality in health, appearance and professional installation.
Our services include:

Tree transplants
Seasonal color
Bedding plants
Grass installation
Wetlands… Read More»

Hardscape Construction

HC 1 220x131 Specialty Landscape Construction

Hardscape construction serves as the framework to a beautiful landscape. Whether it is a stone bed border, a modular retaining wall system or the vertical construction, SPSD is committed to excellence when meeting your hardscape needs.
Our services include:

Concrete – paving and structural
Erosion control
Subsurface and surface drainage
Site preparation and grading
Decorative… Read More»

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